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With over 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry, my team can quickly find and exploit the profitable growth opportunities you need to succeed.

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Here's the data:

Major changes shaping healthcare dictate the need for effective strategiesorganization and execution from providers, payors and investors. Valiante Healthcare Management Solutions (VHMS) has led clients through these steps many times.


The number of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans continues to increase, reaching over 30 million in 2023, over 50% of all beneficiaries.

5 Years

The time until the Medicare Trust Fund is empty and new sources of funding or savings will be needed without changing benefits or eligibility.

57 Plans

The number of MA Plans with a 5-star quality rating, with 22% of all MA Plan members enrolled.


The HHS Office of Inspector General collected this amount from providers and payers from its Compliance Program activities during 2022.

Our Skills & Services

Valiante’s consulting and interim management services focus on three essential steps for success: Strategy, Organization and Execution.

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There's a New Strategic Playbook: Strategy is the best way to achieve high growth, profitability, positive patient experience, and good quality outcomes.

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Company culture is make or break. Organize and instill leadership excellence.

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Valiante’s emphasis on building teams and their speed of execution improves the likelihood of your success.

About Us

Valiante Healthcare Management Solutions (VHMS) has been a leader in transforming healthcare provider, payer and investor performance for over forty years.  Led by its Founder and President, John Valiante, the firm has successfully advised clients in changing strategy, organization and execution, including interim management, to increase speed of execution.

John’s leadership in building, operating, advising and governing successful healthcare organizations across the full spectrum of services provides the foundation for our work.  He began his career in the managed care industry, advising numerous developing HMO plans and starting a 800-physician-owned HMO in the Washington, DC area, Physicians Care.  After selling the plan to Blue Cross and moving to Wyoming, he led the successful turnaround and expansion of the medical center in Jackson Hole, now St. John’s Health.  

Following consulting projects with several health systems and managed care organizations, he was tapped by the National Football League to develop a WADA-certified performance-enhancing drug testing laboratory in Salt Lake City.   John became involved in the Arizona market through consulting with HonorHealth, Hospice of the Valley, Schaller-Anderson, Commonwealth Primary Care ACO and Trinity Air Medical.  This, in turn, led to executive leader roles at Southwestern Eye Center, now the core group in American Vision Partners, and Barrow Brain and Spine, one the nation’s foremost neurosurgical groups affiliated with Dignity Health and Honor Health.

Work With Us

Our teams assimilate easily with your leadership and operating staff and fit into the pace of your operations..  We use experts in each of the specialized areas confronting your organization: reimbursemnt, RCM, finance, quality, compliance, compensation, facilities planning, acquisitions, etc.  Our teams work with all levels of your organization and leave you with full documentation of new steps needed.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

  • As HOV was reviewing its operations, leadership structure, and future program needs, John and his team reviewed our strategies and structure…resulting in new processes and programs to strengthen…our healthcare partners while creating additional services for the community.

    Debbie Shumway, ED, Hospice of the Valley

  • John worked closely with my team to develop a detailed Financial and Business Plan to support the development of our air medical transport company.  Through that process, he provided, and continues to provide, invaluable leadership guidance that ultimately shaped our culture and business strategy.

    Seth Bacon, CEO, Trinity Air Medical

  • When I asked you to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer at Barrow, I needed a change agent to rock the boat for the betterment of BBS.  You brought these changes and made us better.  I am immensely appreciative.

    Michael Lawton, MD, President, Barrow Brain & Spine, Barrow Neurological Institute

  • Supported by the NFL and USADA, SMRTL faced major organizational and financial challenges to succeed as a sustainable independent business. John’s leadership was critical to identifying new facilities, arranging financing and building the team of scientists.

    Bryan S. Finkle, PhD, Chairman, SMRTL; Chief Toxicologist, NFL, USADA and WADA

  • John has a unique appreciation for the value of IT solutions in today’s rapidly changing medical group environment. Together we consolidated separate EMR, Practice Management and Billing systems into a single integrated system in less than a year’s time.

    Jeff Allport, Consultant and former CIO, Valley Presbyterian Hospital

  • John and his team led an expeditious and detailed review of our Third Party Administrator (TPA) subsidiary that managed the ETMC and other health plans in the region. His leadership through our transition was critical to our current success.

    Elmer Ellis, CEO, East Texas Medical Center.

  • John proved himself a highly respected leader by turning around the Center’s finances, developing joint ventures with the medical staff and creating alliances with regional centers of excellence such as the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

    Robert Volz, MD, retired Chairman, Ortho Dept., UofA Med School; former Board member St. John’s Medical Center.

  • John’s leadership in inspiring the initial construction of the Snow King Sports and Event Center brought a major recreational facility to our community. The non-profit Center Management Inc. (CMI) team has turned around a failing operation and made it the centerpiece of youth sports, conferences and music in Jackson.

    Bob McLaurin, former Town Administrator, Jackson, WY.

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